All Day Kids

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Business Opportunity


  All Day Kids is one of the best Platform for showcasing  and selling your Brand by reaching out to Kids and Parents like never before through;



We regularly run contests, conduct interactive programs/workshops in school and other places. Now you can reduce the cost of design & developing, maintaining and building your own identity through  a rich online presence.

 You can increase exposure for your brands and products by becoming a sponsor of fun and engaging content areas on our sites that already have guaranteed traffic.

 Sponsors can choose from monthly or annual packages, with shared or exclusive sponsorships.

Contests & Promotions.

 Kids and parents alike flock to the many contests and promotions held on our website. You can gain visibility and brand awareness by running a specific contest or promotion or by becoming a sponsor of one of our regularly scheduled promotions. These contests are prominent on the site, included in our e-mail newsletters to registered kids and parents, and promoted with the news media. 


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