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Sep, 2011

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All day kids

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Wonderful last Week

All kids are busy with there exams and homework all day! Last week our mail box was flooded with problems and worries that our young friends are facing.


All Day Kids Counsellor went through there stories and problems individually and told us that children are under a great stress. During the time children are at school, millions of thoughts & emotions cloud there mind and by the time they are back home, tired, thirsy and sleepy, they feel lack of energy to interact with anyone. The burden of homework and exams haunt them. Consequently, they surround themselves with PSP's, XBOX, Ipad and other exciting gizmos. Well, our counsellor is upset about what is happening to kids nowadays. While some are busy facebooking on their fake profiles, others are loosing track of there mind.


Team at All Day Kids disucssed about the dangers and harmful impact on children this can lead to. We also came up with some interesting ideas on how to bring back the spark & imagination missing in children! These ideas will open up parachutes of there mind, bringing back the magic of 'thinking' & 'Imagining'. We spent entire week interacting with kids from diverse backgrounds, families and various schools. It was shocking; 'Children had nothing to say'! Majority of them were shy in interacting and comunicating with us. Few of them were scared from there parents. It is an amusing discovery; we found out that children had secrets that they wish to share with no one on this entire planet. There little minds are a treasure trove of unique information, stories, complaints & tales! 


After this wonderful last week, we are already all geared up to give life to our ideas and bring some amusing, awesome stuff to children so that they 'think differently' & 'Transform! 


Join us in our journey, if you have any out of the box ideas, do contribute, mail us at and we will meet you up!

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i want full day assistance for my son...

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