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Skype introduces ads for free phone calls

Posted by Nikhil Das on 2012-07-10

Get ready to have your screens filled with “conversation ads” on Skype if you are making free calls or have no credits in accounts at the service. The change will allow Microsoft, which has bought Skype and its massive database of users, to rake in millions of dollars of advertising revenue from showing ads to video callers.

The ads offer an exciting opportunity to the advertisers to display ads and reach millions of subscribers of Skype. The ads could spark new product related conversation and introduce new strategies to enhance the overall consumers’ brand experience.

Microsoft is hoping that Skype will increase its user base and help it to breach the billion mark soon. Skype has already partnered with Facebook and is hoping that platform shifts would push its growth further. Skype is an internet telephony platform that allows its users to make low-cost or free phone calls over the Internet using their computers or smartphones.

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