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Google voice scores over Apple’s Siri voice assistant

Posted by Nikhil Das on 2012-07-10

Apple’s pride, SIRI, the natural vice assistant launched by Apple with its iPhone 4S is losing the battle against the Google’s Voice Search.

Siri the backbone app of iPhone 4S has come under a lot of criticism for its inability to provide relevant search results or even understand human voice commands. In a recent comparison study conducted between the two voice search applications, Google Voice triumphed over Apple’s Siri program. As per the results of the tests,Siri understood 83 per cent of the questions asked during noisy situations and 89 per cent in quiet situations. She answered 62 per cent of the questions asked in noisy conditions correctly and 68 per cent in the quiet room. By comparison, Google voice displayed 86 per cent accuracy.

Though all is not lost for Siri and Apple has said that iOS 6 update for iPhones will make Siri more responsive and less dependent on Google search results. At the moment, Siri gets 60 per cent of its results from Google, 20 per cent from Yelp, 14 per cent from WolframAlpha, 4 per cent from Yahoo and 2 per cent from Wikipedia.

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