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Me in Wonderland!

Posted by Ankita Singh on 2011-10-25

While watching the movie "Alice in wonderland", I suddenly realized that I used to day dream about so many things, I don't remember I've ever seen such kind of dream but yes I use to have some sort of weird fantasies, may be each and every kid has experienced it often.

At times when I remember, my out of the world imaginations, day dreaming of a fabulous lazy future and wish-making for the things which i cannot get, I feel sad. I wish I could preserve them, capture them, so that I could easily see or show to my friends. I don't really remember if I have read anything about Alice in wonderland, but I knew that some character like that exists. My heroes were Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and some more like that.

How could I forget that cartoons on television use to play a great role in letting us believe life under the water and life over the sky. When you see Aladdin and Jasmine flying on their carpet with a talking bird and monkey, it kind of forces you to ideate, what if you ever have at least a talkingmonkey, smart parrot or lazy cat.

My siblings used to tease me by giving me funny names, Magica was one of them, and I kind of like that character, though she was negative but it feels so good to think how a broomstick can fly and take you to anywhere around the world! I always had that thought why don't my teddies talk to me or might be they talk at night when I go to sleep, they wake up and start playing on their own, abuse me sometimes for keeping them so carelessly!!

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