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I love my pet

Posted by Pranav on 2011-10-20


You love them or hate them, they are always there for you! They give unconditional love and will never betray you. They are more than their your real human best friends!
There is something unique about Pets. I have a Pug, cutest breed of Dogs!
Whenever I come back from school, my pug comes running towards me, jumps on me and till I don't pat its back, my pug keeps on jumping!
 My pug is just one month old and since it has come, my mom has stopped shouting at me. I feel lucky now as I also won a competition in my School because of my pet! 
 I have developed good habits because of my pet! I complete my homework, so that i can play with my pug on time. I study hard so that no one shouts at me
and I can happily be with my pet.  I don't feel sad and sometimes when I get scolding from my parents, my pet makes me smile!
So friends, if you don't have a pet, get one and if you have a pet, love them dearly. They are the best!!

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