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Being fat is not fun

Posted by All day kids on 2011-09-13


If you are fat and feel bad, read the whole story! Stop eating while reading this. It is not always funny when you or your friends are fat and are teased for being so. Always remember, god made you the way you are. You can’t change that or fight with god for it. Try your best to improve yourself though.

Make a routine and follow it. Wake up an hour early before you leave for school, do jumping jacks or go for running with your mom or dad. If you can’t live without junk food, try eating it only on Saturday and Sunday! Eat green vegetables, fruits and nuts, even if it is boring.

Play outdoor games in the evening. Exams and homework should be of no excuse to skip evening games. It is okay if you miss a cartoon or your favorite movie on television, but be regular with sports and exercise.

This is going to be magical! After few days, look at yourself in the mirror, check your weight and click a photograph of yourself as you will be smiling! Only if you follow this simple plan strictly you will no more be fat and shy.

In case you are not fat, share this story with your friends who are and never ever tease them, try to help them to become as thin and smart as you are!

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