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Ants are very Hardworking

Posted by Shruti Mehra on 2011-09-12


If you are disappointed with failure & are losing courage, think about ‘Ants’. They are amazing, amusing and inspiring! We learn one of the most important lessons of ‘courage’ from them.

There are times when we fail despite of hard work. Ants tell us ‘keep trying and one day you will win’!

This is story of an Ant named ‘Tinki’ who was 13 year old, she was very poor and her father died in an accident few years back. Her mom was suffering from a disease and could not work properly. Tinki was a strong Ant. She used to travel day and night in search of food to take care of her mother.

One day her mother’s health worsened. It became tough for her to breathe. Tinki got scared and went to her best friend to ask for help. Her friend told her to go and search for a dead insect and feed it to her mother. After which she will never fall ill.

There was one very big problem; this type of insect was found on very high mountains. Still, Tinki decided to travel to this highest peak to save her mom. She left home early morning on her journey.

On her way to the mountain, there was a forest of wild Animals, Tinki was very careful as she was tiny and could be stamped under Elephants feet anytime. Thankfully she crossed the Jungle and then started walking up the mountain. It was 12 hour journey.  

She reached the top of the mountain very early and was very tired. But, she continued her search for the dead insect and to her luck she found one!

The insect was very heavy. She tried carrying the insect on her head. As she dragged the insect along, she failed thrice. She could not move as the weight of the insect was very heavy. She again tried. She failed.  She was very disappointed with herself and sat quietly for 10 minutes. After that she again tried, this time she was able to carry along the insect at her back.

She finally reached home after 5 long days! Her friend was there with her mother. They gave the insect to her mother after which her mother’s health improved. Tinki was very happy, but she broke her back. She did not tell this to her mother. After few days her mother was on her toes! Tinki was very happy. Now her mother looked after her and they loved happily ever after!

So, just like Tinki Ant, no matter what happens, never stop trying!

Make sure you also watch Ants video by clicking on this link!

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