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Yummy sticky tomato sauce!

Posted by Somya A. on 2011-02-09


We all love sauce, it makes the food tastier and spicy. Have you ever thought where and when was Tomato sauce born?  

Tomato sauce was first made in the year 1799. Sauce was discovered by British explorers. A bottle of Ketchup made by H.J Heinz company is the largest distributor of Ketchup. 

Ever wondered why tomato sauce gets stuck in the bottle? Sauce is a highly gluey paste paste made from tomatoes, spices, and various other additives. Hence, the sauce can only move if it is shaken or if sufficient force is applied. This is because the tomato paste is too sticky to allow air bubbles to pass through it easily and a vacuum forms at the bottom makes the paste to move downwards difficult. 

To overcome this keep the paste in plastic bottles or simply insert a drinking straw deep into the bottle so that the air can pass through the tomato sauce to the bottom. 



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