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The Gaddafi Mess

Posted by All day kids on 2011-08-28

Everyone’s talking about Anna Hazare and his peaceful means of protest, which were Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas, too. There has been no beating, fighting or killing as Anna and his supporters try to end corruption. But many people across the world have not been as lucky. Let’s have a look at Libya where there is a lot of violence going on because of the military dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. Many Libyans blame Gaddafi for being corrupt and hurting his people. People in Libya don’t have the same freedom that many of you do and they are not happy about it. So some people known as “rebels” are fighting against Gaddafi and his family.

Just as people say that Anna Hazare has bought many different groups of people together, a similar thing is happening in Libya. Libyans belong to many tribes and other groups, but they are now divided into two groups—those who support Gaddafi and those who oppose him. His supporters are in the Sahara desert while the rebels are busy “cleaning up” the country. They have just captured Tripoli, the capital of Libya. There are guns, bombs and madness everywhere. Many innocent people have been killed or have been forced to leave their homes. Vehicles and homes have been destroyed. And you can imagine how scared your friends in Libya must be with their schools being closed and the playgrounds being too unsafe to play in.
We can only hope that Libyans will have a peaceful and free life after this mess is over.

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