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The Cell Phone Nexus

Posted by All Day Kids on 2011-08-16

All good parents should keep their kids safe. You need to keep a tab on them all the time. And what better way than a cell phone? It’s the miracle gadget that parents have fallen in love with for over a decade. But it’s not a cakewalk all the way. As awareness spreads about the health hazards and bad influences your kids are at risk at, it’s time to relook at the cell phone.

Placing a gadget in your kids' hands is placing an additional responsibility on your head. Your kids are mostly away from you while they are using their cell phones which makes regulation nearly impossible. Peers, ads and popular culture are going to have a much stronger impact on kids than the best homely upbringing.

Plus owing to the rate at which mobile applications are springing up, your eight-year-old has his own MMS, internet and gaming applications on his own personal mobile! And then the non-stop gaming and texting begins. You’re panicking aboutthe eye strain, the falling grades, and some uncomfortable conversations your kid is having with people you don’t know.

The trick is to remain steadfast. If you really feel that your kids should have mobiles, talk to them about the responsibilities involved. And keep in simple. Tell them they can afford the expensive applications when they grow up. Don’t shy away from discussions about eye problems and brain tumors. Let your kids know how they can get into trouble for misuse of cameras and SMSs.

Bottom line—if your kids want grown-up toys, they have to act like grown-ups!

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