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Story of Fireworks

Posted by Suchaita Tenneti on 2011-04-25


Boom! Boom! The sky is full of sparkling colors. How? Fireworks! Here’s how fireworks came into the world.

People say that a naughty chef in China made a powder by mixing many strange things. This mixture burst into flames and gave people the idea for colorful crackers. A more famous story is that a Chinese monk name Li Tian first made fireworks. Every year the Chinese pray to Li Tian and thank him for this gift. People in China used wood to make fireworks. The dragon is very special to them. So they shaped their fireworks as dragons. They filled them with a special powder and shot them into the air like a rocket. They burst and colorful lights filled the sky. These were called Chinese Rockets or Chinese Arrows. The Chinese thought that the loud sound would scare away evil spirits. That’s why they burnt crackers at birthdays, parties and other happy events.

Fireworks didn’t stay in China. Some say that the famous traveler, Marco Polo, brought them to other parts of the world. Others say that the Mongol invaders did. Soon people everywhere were making their own crackers. Factories were set up to meet the demand for fireworks. But the Chinese have remained the leaders in making fireworks until today. Fireworks also became models for rockets and missiles that are used for space research and defence.

So this is the journey of the firework. It’s a lot of fun but also dangerous. So enjoy it with care!

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