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Speaking Blues

Posted on 2011-08-16

Imagine your horror if you hear your kid say “worser”, “more better” or “anyways”! You wonder, “What’s happened to their English?” As the need for fluent English shoots up, new varieties of English like Chinglish, Desi English, Engrish and several others spring up. Don’t forget the murder of Standard English through SMS’s and webspeak! So how can you deal with it?

Kids come up with their own slang or find a catchy phrase entertaining if it makes them feel special. It’s how they assert their individuality or the uniqueness of a group of friends. That’s nothing to worry about. However, make sure this language stays out of their school work. If you find a stray word in an essay or a speech, be quick to point it out. Urge them to read good books and watch the news. Keep reminding them that if they listen to and use too much slang in cartoons and on chat and SMS’s, they would be unable to speak and write formally even if they wanted to. That’s bad news for teachers and grades! If you catch your child using foul language,talk it out and explain your dissatisfaction. Sometimes you can’t help playing mean, but try to be fair as far as  possible.
If another parent or a teacher complains about your child’s language habits, try not to get defensive. Apologize, express your helplessness and seek their advice. Chances are they’ll
Remember you’re not in this language race alone. It’s every parent’s nightmare!

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