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Plant that traps a treat!

Posted by All Day Kids on 2010-07-31

Venus Fly Trap is one plant that traps an insect as soon as it lands on it. The Venus fly trap has tiny hair on their inner surface, whenever a different hair comes in contact with it, the trap closes.  The Speed of closing depends on the amount of humidity, light, size of insect.

These are carnivorous plants but they grow slowly. They are often cultivated and they are sold as house plants and are often found at florists, hardware stores and supermarkets. This is undoubtedly one of the best known as awesome plant!

Venus fly-traps were first discovered in North America on the coast of North and South Carolina, where it grows wild near the Cape Fear River. But people can grow Venus Flytraps in pots.

There is a pretty sizable market for Venus fly traps between collectors. The name is sometimes spelled Venus flytrap, Venus' flytrap, or Venus's-flytrap. It is named after the roman god of love, Venus.


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