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Peer Pressure

Posted by Suchaita Tenneti on 2011-04-25

You want to have loads of friends, right? Everyone does. Your friends share happy times with you and help you through tough ones. But some friends might ask you to do stuff that feels wrong like bunking classes, watching too much TV, buying things your parents can’t afford, and so on. So how can you make friends and still say ‘No’ to bad stuff?

These tips might help:

  • Friends who make you sad or guilty aren’t real friends.
  • Doing something wrong may make you popular for a while, but you can get into trouble.
  • Trying to be someone you’re not will make you look stupid and uncool.
  • When your friends make fun of you, laugh and crack jokes about yourself. 
  • If someone spreads rumours about you, talk to them about it or laugh it off. Don’t get angry and don’t spread more rumours!
  • Friends who think like you are worth being around even if they aren’t the most trendy or popular.
  • Speak up and tell your friends how you really feel.
  • Sure friends matter a lot, but give yourself enough time to try out new hobbies. Don’t give up hobbies for friends. Besides, the more stuff you are into, the more interesting and confident you will become!
  • Be proud of your family. They’ll support you in hard times. If there’s something they can’t afford, just say so.

So to really enjoy friendship, you should be happy, healthy and confident yourself!

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