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McDonald’s goes healthy!

Posted on 2011-08-03

Even with all the new exciting eating joints coming up everywhere, McDonald’s Happy Meal still has a special place on the top of your menu, right? Well, McDonald’s is very proud and happy to serve you delicious burgers, fries and shakes but they want you to be healthy, too.That’s why they’re making interesting changes to their very popular Happy Meal in some parts of the world.

Your parents, teachers and doctors talk to you about eating right all the time. Cut out that extra fat from your food even if you eat out only once in a while. And they’re right—that stuff can spoil your health and stop you from doing the things you like to do like playing with your friends and going to school. Many grown-ups were very angry with McDonald’s for serving you too
many french fries and burgers that are very tasty but very unhealthy too with mayonnaise and cutlets. So McDonald’s has now included “sliced apple dippers” with their Happy Meal. They’ve
also put fewer fries. Earlier in some countries, you could order apples dippers instead of fries.Now you get them, anyway.

Yes, some of your friends in other parts of the world aren’t very happy. They enjoy heaps of junk food just like you do. But think of it this way: you still get your favourite burger, crispy fries and
slurpy drink but with some healthy additions. This way you can enjoy the Happy Meal and stay fit!

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