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Looks Aren’t Skin Deep

Posted by All day kids on 2011-08-28

They’re everywhere—TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, stores. Their eyes are set on everyone and now they’re looking out for your kids. As you might have guessed, it’s the beauty product industry! These guys are tough and aggressive in their marketing and your kids are most likely awed by them. So what do you do? All Day Kids chatted with a parent named Swarna, and here are her views:

ADK: How do you feel when your daughter asks you to buy her a fairness cream?
Swarna: It concerns me. I tell her that she should be proud of her complexion, but all her friends are into these products, so she’s influenced, too.
ADK: How does she react if she doesn’t get what she wants?
Swarna: Well, we have both agreed on a budget. As long as she gets what she wants within that amount, it’s ok with me. This plan has worked without any fuss.
ADK: That’s great! Besides the budget, where do you draw the line?
Swarna: I talk to her about drinking and smoking, and explain to her why that stuff should be completely avoided. Beauty products in a limited quantity are fine, but not this.
ADK: What would you like to share with other parents?
Swarna: The craze for beauty products will never die off. They will just change. So you need to figure out how to cope with it. Don’t deprive your kids and create resentment. Talk to them about using these products responsibly and get them involved in other activities that make them feel good about themselves.

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