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Jikko gets a new shell

Posted by All Day Kids on 2011-05-23


Oops! You’ve fallen down and hurt yourself. What do you do? Clean it well and put on a band-aid. You must have also heard of artificial hands and legs for people who meet with very serious accidents or suffer from harsh illnesses. How about an artificial shell for a turtle? This is no dream. It’s already happened!

You see hurt animals on the street everyday. Even monkeys who are skilled climbers and birds with their strong wings are injured by traffic. In Thailand, a little turtle crawled out of the water and was exploring a busy street, curiously. Suddenly a huge truck headed straight for this little creature. The scared turtle couldn’t run away so it was hit. Don’t stop reading! He was ok! But sadly, his shell was broken. Now you know that the turtle needs its shell to keep safe. The turtle’s body is attached to the shell, too, so he couldn’t just crawl out. So, animal conservationists decided to try something crazy to give the turtle his shell back.  They made a shell out of fiber glass for him!

Fiber glass is used to make boats, rockets, machines and loads of other stuff. It’s very strong and doesn’t break easily. It gave the broken shell a lot of support to help it heal quickly. This was a medical miracle and an awesome story for animal lovers!

The conservationists named the little turtle Jikko, which in Thai means “gangster.” Now little Jikko can return to his water home!

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