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Interview with a Hovercraft

Posted by Suchaita Tenneti on 2011-04-25


You want to fly. And you want to sail, too. What do you do? Maybe try a hovercraft? It’s quick, comfortable and a lot of fun! All Day Kids chatted with this cool vehicle that both flies and floats!

All Day Kids: Tell us about yourself.

Hovercraft(proud): I’m a plane and a boat. I was born in the 1950s.

All Day Kids: How do you move over land, water and ice?

Hovercraft: I have a big rubber cushion full of air under me. It’s called a skirt. This helps me move over water without touching the water. Sometimes I have many skirts. I also have little round things on my skirt that take me over bumpy land and ice. They are called fingers.

All Day Kids: Wow! But why do you have many engines?

Hovercraft: I need them to fight my worst enemy—friction! It’s a force on land, air and water that slows me down. One engine turns a fan. This fan sucks in air like a straw and forces it into my skirt. My skirt traps the air between my body and the water or land. That’s how I float! The other engines push me ahead even more.

All Day Days: Interesting! Where do you work?

Hovercraft: I take people from place to place. I rescue people. Even the army likes me!

All Day Kids: Where can we learn to drive you?

Hovercraft: You can become a hovercraft pilot at the Hovercraft Training center in Tamil Nadu.

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