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Holiday in the Trees

Posted by Suchaita Tenneti on 2011-04-25


A night in the trees with monkeys and snakes. Are you excited? Then you should surely visit a tree house!

Tree houses have many uses. Tribes or people who live in forests build tree houses for protection from wild animals and enemies. In places with a lot of greenery, children use tree houses as play rooms. But for poor city people who don’t have many trees, tree houses make fun hotels.

Tree houses are of many types. Some look like little cottages or tents. One tree house is just a huge ball hung to a branch! In India, tree houses are found in Rajasthan, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, and other places. They can be simple or modern. A simple tree house mostly has one or two rooms and a bathroom. There is only a little furniture. Modern houses have a heater and an air-conditioner. They have fancy furniture and a TV, too. Sometimes there are four or five rooms. Jaipur has a tree house resort full of different kinds of tree houses!

 These houses are good for the environment. The trees they are built on are not hurt. Many houses use solar energy from the sun and gobar gas from cow dung instead of electricity. The lifts that get you up don’t need current. This saves a lot of energy.

Since tree houses are usually in forests, you can get very close to nature and wildlife. A tree house in Himachal Pradesh also gives you a great view of the Himalayas! 

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