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Famine Woes In Somalia

Posted by All day kids on 2011-08-28

While America is struggling to deal with floods, the African country of Somalia is suffering from some of the worst droughts in many years. A drought occurs when there is barely any rain, which means that there will be less food. And that’s not the only problem that Somalis are faced with.

There’s also the problem of the cost of food being too high. Since many Somalis are poor, they don’t have enough money to buy food for their families. They have no choice but to leave their homes and families and migrate to neighboring countries like Kenya and Yemen.
The refugees from Somalia come to Kenya and Yemen in tiny boats that are very unsteady. There are too many people in each both, so many drown along the way. And you must have heard of the Somali pirates who keep hijacking ships. Well, they’re not good news for the poor refugees either.
Now here’s where the problem begins. Kenya and Yemen have been good to refugees from Somalia. There are camps set up for them with the help of the United Nations and other organizations. The refugees get food, shelter and medical care here. But there are too many of them! And Kenya and Yemen are struggling to look after their own people alongwith the refugees.
Everyone’s trying to help people in Somalia so that they don’t have to leave their country, but so far nothing much has happened. And the saddest thing is that many of your friends in Somalia are having a very hard time with no food or school. So if you have a chance to donate a part of your pocket money to help Somalian refugees, please do so!

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