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Dumb Art Thieves

Posted on 2011-08-06

You’ve all been told that stealing is bad, but people steal anyway, right? And what do they steal? Valuable stuff, of course, like jewelry, money and a top favorite—expensive artwork! Believe itor not, but there are professional art thieves! They travel all over the world, stealing and selling costly paintings by famous artists. Now this might sound like fun, but it’s very risky and quite dumb.

Being an art thief is dangerous because if a very well-known painting is missing, it would be all over the newspapers so you can be caught when you try to sell it! Also, you need to breakinto rich people’s houses or museums to steal these paintings, and as you know, these places have a lot of security. So you have to be really, really careful. You have to have a great plan tobreak in like pose as a police officer or dig a tunnel or something that is very risky. And to be an art thief you don’t just need to be really good at stealing. You also need to understand art very well. That’s why one of museum’s websites lists all the care that paintings need even if they are stolen! So if at some point the paintings are found, they are at least safe.

And if an art thief gets caught, it’s jail and very heavy fines! So why play dumb and get into trouble? Get smart and have fun with art in museums!

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