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Do you believe in Ghost?

Posted by Priyanka Srivastava on 2011-02-08


The moment you start understanding things, you have been listening to many ghost stories and no doubt you talk a lot about ghosts with your friends. Few people say that ghosts truly exist and some say that it is fake. This is something no one is sure about.
Whenever we watch any horror movie or listen to any horror story we start fearing. There are several places in world which became mystery for numerous years , such as Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland, Catacombs, France, Palmyra Island, Pacific Ocean, Dracula Castle, Romania.
Every city and place has some fake horror stories. Our mommies make us afraid when we don’t wish to have milk saying that ‘Ghost will come to the child who doesn’t drink milk’. We trust that these ghosts are real but as we grow up we come to know that these ghosts are just mythical.
According to the study, the feeling of fear truly exists but there is nothing like ghost. Everyone gets interested listening to ghost stories or watching horror movies. There are many movies and books about ghosts.
So, dear friends just enjoy these stories and movies but don’t be scared as ghosts don’t exist in real!! They are just imagination or you can say supernatural powers. That’s it! As you will grow up this fear of ghost will disappear and your studies, courses and job will replace it.

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