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Dabba Wars

Posted by All Day Kids on 2011-05-19

The battlefield is set. The soldiers are ready. Let the war begin! But the battlefield is a school and the two armies are the teachers and the students. They’re not fighting for a kingdom or a treasure but for lunch boxes! Sounds like a unique and fun-filled story, right? That’s why everyone’s raving about Stanley ka Dabba. After Taare Zameen Par, Amol Gupte has come up with another masterpiece!

Smart and witty Stanley loves being the most popular kid in school. Whenever his friends are in trouble, Stanley’s clever plans come to their rescue. But there’s one tough problem that he can’t escape—the glutton Varma sir who eats up their tiffins! He even threatens to throw Stanley out of school if he doesn’t hand over his lunch. That’s when Stanley’s friends pitch in to help. There’s also the very strict science teacher, Ms. Iyer, who doesn’t allow the kids to use their imagination or to get creative. She even spoils Stanley’s cool science experiment. So as you can see, Stanley has a really hard job of bringing changes to his school.

Stanley is lucky to have one very nice teacher, Rosy Miss. She’s friendly and encourages her students to get smart with their studies. Stanley tries very hard to please her. If only every teacher could be like her!

You have no idea how much fun you’re missing if you don’t watch this movie! And you might learn a few tricks to make your school a cooler place!


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