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Angry Birds Launch for PlayStation 3 and PSP

Posted by All Day Kids on 2011-01-05

A good news for all game lovers - Sony plans to release Angry Birds on its PlayStation and PS3. 

'Angry Birds' , an exciting and  exciting puzzle game that features a variety of birds all with different skills trying to rescue there eggs from evil Pigs. The game is developed by Japanese entertainment giant Rovio and is already a huge success with iphone and Android users. 

It is an interesting game in which the birds are catapulted at different structures the pigs are hiding in, using a slingshot. 


This unique game is already a huge success with iphone and android users. Since its release in the year 2009, it has been downloaded nearly 40 million times! It is real fun to play this game. 

Enjoy the trailer of the game by clicking on this link:


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