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An Interview with a Pygmy Elephant

Posted by Suchaita Tenneti on 2011-04-18


“Huge” is the right word for the world’s largest land animal, the elephant. But its little relatives, the pygmy elephants, are equally fascinating. All Day Kids met these rare creatures:


ADK: I thought you would be tiny. But you are quite big!


Pygmy Elephant (smiles): We are only a little smaller than Asian and African elephants.


ADK: Ah, I see. You are much sweeter than big elephants.


PE: Yes, we are very shy. Our tusks are smaller, too.


ADK: I see that. How old do pygmy elephants get?


PE: Usually 60 years.


ADK: That’s great! And where do you live?


PE: We live on an island called Borneo and in parts of Africa. We hear stories about pygmy elephants in India.


ADK: What is your favourite food?


PE (smacks its lips): We love palm trees. We also love a tasty fruit called durian. It is covered with spines like a pineapple. But we still eat it whole!


ADK: I should try it without the spines! Tell me about your migration.


PE: Every monsoon, we swim across the river to find food on the other side. The eldest elephant in our herd leads the way. We never get lost!


ADK: Wow! You are very smart. Is there a message you would like to share with our readers?


PE:  Please save the forests and the rivers. They are home to us and our friends, the orangutan and the sun bear. If you help us, we will be around forever!

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