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An Interview with a Chinese Mummy!

Posted by Suchaita Tenneti on 2011-04-13

If you thought Egyptian mummies were cool, what about Chinese mummies who are even more mysterious? Recently, some road workers in China discovered the tomb of a 600-year-old mummy. Her skin, hair and eyebrows were almost perfect!  All Day Kids had a rare chance to talk to her. Here’s what she had to say:

ADK: How does the world feel after 600 years?

Mummy: Well, I only saw some strange faces. Then I came to this room. I’ve heard it’s called a lab.

ADK: Yes, it is. How have you remained so life-like?

Mummy: I’m a “wet mummy.” I was covered with a kind of water that protected me.

ADK: Wonderful! So tell us your story.

Mummy(smiles): The bones, pots and writings in my tomb will speak. I want to hear my story from you. It would be very funny! You see, we mummies talk to each other. We are full of stories. But we don’t like to spoil your fun. We also love to confuse you with lies! So history would change everyday. That’s why we wait for you to find out.

ADK: Won’t the scientists cut you up then?

Mummy: No. I’m told that they will take my photos and examine my teeth. Then they will pass a tube into my stomach and only take small skin samples to test.

ADK: That’s great to hear! But tell us the story behind your beautiful green ring.

Mummy: Ah, that’s one story I will keep to myself!

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