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Helpful Little Hands

Posted on 2011-08-08


Every kid wants a happy and relaxed parent. So as the demands of an urban culture fall upon your shoulders, you shouldn’t hesitate to get your kids involved in household chores. Your
instincts may tell you that playing and studying are a kid’s only jobs. But you’ll soon realize that that kids enjoy lending a hand and acquire valuable life skills along the way. 
Start young. You’ll be surprised how handy your three-year-old can be! Don’t wait for your kid to be an adamant teenager who takes you for granted!
  • Get your kids to look after themselves—fold blankets, put dishes in the sink, etc. Then move on to other chores like watering plants, dusting, doing the laundry


  • Consider your kids’ interests but also get them to do other stuff. Explain to them that that’s how the real world is, too.Teach your kids the right way to do things and gently correct them if they screw up.


  • Get kids to help each other.


  • Chores should ideally bring the whole family together.


  • Make sure your kids have enough time for studies, rest and leisure.


  • Chore lists are a good idea but your kids should finally learn to do things without being told as they grow up.


  • Reward your kid with words, not things!


Your kids will soon be more responsible and confident, making you a delighted and proud parent!

kids enjoy lending a hand and acquire valuable life skills along the way.

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