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Caring and Smart Kid Volunteers

Posted on 2011-07-21

You want to give your kids that something extra? So you combine Math tuitions, tennis classes,and violin lessons. But to develop an edge over peers and truly value everything that you do for them, your kids need to become sensitive to their surroundings. Volunteering is ideal to achieve this. It gives your kids a new perspective on life and hones their creative and entrepreneurial skills.

You could try an orphanage, an old-age home or a shelter for stray animals. Your kids’ school may have a social awareness program. Explain to your kids why these centers exist and what
they do. And teach them to respect the people there. That’s what builds character. 
Get your kids to start a donation drive. You can tag along but leave the talking to them. Collect books, clothes, shoes, cleaning products. This will be a valuable lesson in convincing and
negotiation! Your kids and their friends can throw a dinner party at an old-age home with food that they have prepared themselves. They can organize a drawing competition at an orphanage or
put up a cultural program. If they really want a challenge, they can train the kids at the orphanage for a show. Interesting sessions on event management, wouldn’t you agree? And older kids can
even become mentors. What a way to boost their confidence!
Volunteering might also inspire your kid to be more helpful, study harder and eat better. So think of it as a value-add to a great education!

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