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Penguins Take Over!

Posted by All Day Kids on 2011-06-26

All of you would love to have a pet right? A dog, a kitty or a parrot would be a lot of fun and even a great friend when you are feeling lonely. And how would you feel if some of your relatives left you some pets? What if those pets were six penguins? That’s exactly what happensto Mr. Popper!

Mr. Popper is a very busy businessman. He has no time for anyone else. It’s work, work, work and money, money, money. Suddenly he finds out that his father has left a very special gift for him. He guesses it might be a lot of money. But it’s actually a penguin! And soon five more penguins arrive! And they’re set to turn his world upside down. Mr. Popper spends all his time caring for the penguins, feeding them, cleaning after them, and saving his house from them. Mr. Popper’s kids love the penguins and enjoy spending time with them. So when Mr. Popper wants to send the penguins away to a zoo, his kids try his best to convince him not to. Mr. Popper even
starts having more fun with his kids and they hang out a lot more often, too! So Mr. Popper’s feathery children surely bring him a lot of luck. But what happens when the penguins lay eggs?
Enjoy this Jim Carrey comedy with all your friends and family and find out what happens to this family of happy penguins. Hint: there’s a trip to Antarctica!

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