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Memory Player

Posted by All Day Kids on 2011-06-20

There is always something silly or bad that you’ve done. You might have fallen down and hurt yourself or stolen cookies when your mom was away. You wish you could simply forget this stuff but it keeps poking you. What if a switch could just send all the bad stuff away?

Scientists picked out a few troubled rats and used wires to connect them to a machine. This special machine helped scientists pick out different thoughts from the rats’ brains and “switch them off.” Then the scientists “switched on” the memory again! The rats were taught a trick and were tested to make sure they had learnt it well. Then the machine was used to make the rats forget what they had learnt. The machine has also helped scientists improve the memory of the rats. Sounds very, very interesting now?

The challenge that scientists face is that they are able to erase memories for a short while but not forever. That’s nasty, right? Also, there might be dangers involved. What if the machine was misused and made you forget stuff that you didn’t want to? Or what if someone used the machine to control your thoughts like they do in sci-fi films? Someone could play around with your head and get you very confused and scared. And sure, improving your memory the easy way sounds cool but what if you got sick? So there’s a long way to go before this machine enters your home!

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