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Firefighters Get Tech Savvy

Posted by All Day Kids on 2011-06-18

Firefighters have a very hard and important job, right? They need to climb huge buildings super fast and find their way around without any time to spare. They also have to speak with one another very quickly in case one of them is in trouble. So you would imagine that firefighters all over the world have these awesome talking devices that connect calls like lightning! But sadly, that’s just sci-fi stuff. Firefighters are still struggling without proper cell phones!

This isn’t good news, is it? That’s why technologists have come up with a whole range of
devices to help them stay in touch. The GLANSER is one such device. Its signals are so strong that they can penetrate very strong walls in very scary conditions like huge fires. A camera and screen allow the firefighters to clearly see what they’re heading for. And it’s convenient! A battery, many other complex devices and a radio are all packed into a notebook sized gadget! Pretty cool, right?

Another device called the PHASER measures the firefighter’s temperature, blood  Pressure and how his body is doing overall under harsh conditions. So if someone’s not doing ok, his friends know where to find him and rush to help him.

Another problem is that the router that helps transmit signals around goes bad in heat. So firefighters have to wear 5 routers around their waist. If one goes bad, the others will do the job!

So with all these gadgets, do you feel safer?

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