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Crows versus Parrots

Posted by All Day Kids on 2011-06-17

Parrots and crows just seem like happy-go-lucky birds who fly around fighting with each other, cracking nuts, hunting for grub and occasional bugs. But you do know that these birds are also extremely smart and creative. Many of them even make their own tools to hunt for food! They use bits of tree bark and leaves to make little machines of their own to make their lives easier. That sounds very human, doesn’t it? Well, scientists were not happy with just this. They wanted to figure out a way for crows and parrots to compete with each other and see who was the smarter birdie. And here are the results!

The parrot and the crow were given twigs and had to use them to get food. The parrot was confused by the twig because it doesn’t make tools in the wild. But the crow eagerly grabbed the twig and enjoyed a good meal. They also had to use a curved hook to open a door that led to food. The parrot had no problem opening the door and jumped at the food. The crow found the door hard to open and when it succeeded, it used the twig to poke the food to make sure it was safe to eat! Even though the parrot didn’t like twigs much, it learnt to use the twig to get what it wants just as you learn to play new games and sports to have fun!

So animals learn new skills, too!

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