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Holiday Homework Help

Posted by Suchaita Tenneti on 2011-05-05

Summer’s here and you’re making the most of the holidays! Catching up with friends, cartoons, movies and videos make the holidays special. But there’s one irritation—holiday homework! Eww! Your teachers give you holiday homework to keep your mind active. But it’s still very boring! Now get smart with your homework and drive the holiday blues away:

  • Don’t waste time fretting over homework. Try to finish it quickly.
  • Give your homework a couple of hours everyday. That way you have enough time for fun.
  • Don’t watch TV or listen to music while doing your homework. You won’t be able to enjoy or get your work done.
  • Do your homework carefully. Your teachers won’t be too happy with silly mistakes.
  • Work is boring if you do it alone. So why not make models and charts with your friends, cousins, and brothers and sisters?
  • If you have to write an essay or a story, talk to your friends and family. Share ideas, laugh, and come up with something interesting!
  • Make a trip to the museum or the zoo for cool ideas for your homework. It’ll be a picnic, too.
  • Who says that you have to study indoors? Parks, compounds, even malls might be great homework places. But be sure not to mess up.
  • Go online. Check out science, history and art projects by kids around the world. You’ll find that kids everywhere have homework!

Have fun, work smart, and Happy Holidays!

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y dint u post this wen i was in school ? :) ...

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