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Santa talks to All Day Kids!

Posted by All Day Kids on 2010-12-10


  Few days left for Christmas. Santa talks to All Day Kids about his plans this Christmas! 
   Santa: Ho,Ho, Ho! Hello everyone!
   Adk:  Ho, Ho, Ho! Nice to meet you Santa, all children are curious to know if they can meet you at night?
   Santa : Hey, My  lovely children, I will come to see everyone while you are asleep! 
   Adk: What gifts will you get this time?
  Santa: Well, that is a surprise! The child who will decorate the most beautiful Christmas Tree
  will get the best gift!
   Adk: This is great! A child wants to know why don't you visit their house during day time?
   Santa : Its a secret!
   Adk: What is the best part about Christmas?
   Santa : The spirit, joy and happiness in the air.
   Adk: How did you get your name?
   Santa: Modern Santa finds his origin in a young pastor named Nicholas. His parents died when he was still a    boy, leaving him a fortune. He loved the Lord and cared deeply for those in need. Not wanting to receive any glory himself, he went secretly, during the night, to the homes of poor families. There he left gifts and money because of his love for Christ! 
   Adk:   Why do we celebrate Christmas?
   Santa : We celebrate Christmas because it is a wonderful celebration, and a great opportunity to witness to others and  to retell and celebrate the marvelous story of the birth of Jesus Christ.
   Adk:  WOW! We have many more questions to ask you! 
   Santa: I would love to, but you know Christmas is near and I have to prepare for gifts and blessings for children all over the world, I have to rush!!
   Adk: Okay, We will catch you on Christmas Day! Before leaving please tell your e-mail where children have can mail their letter and wishes!
   Santa:   Cheers! Merry Christmas!

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