All Day Kids

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 In a Digital Age, it can be hard to reach parents and kids. All Day Kids has emerged as the leading way for kids 4-13 and parents to access internet.Making internet BIG, fun and safe for kids while giving their parents peace of mind.

 The best way to engage the whole family is through advertising on our Portal and other Offline activities. 

All Day Kids is an ideal platform to showcase your Product/Organisation and reach to kids and Parents. For further information, do get in touch with us



Advertisers have an unmatched opportunity to reach a diverse audience of children and parents, with the reassurance that they are appearing on a safe and well-respected site.

  • Ad Specs: 728 x 90, 160 x 600, 300 x 250, 468 x 60 banners; 120 x 600 skyscrapers; 120 x 60 buttons, customizable banners negotiable. 
  • Rich Media: Shoshkele, Flash, Shockwave, Animated GIF, Java, Javascript, DHTML, HTML, & 3rd party ad enabled. 

Product Showcase and Sampling

Showcase your products to children in our Loot Locker. Increase awareness of the product and get it into the hands of kids. We also can follow up with research to find out what kids thought about their experience with your brands / product.